4 Essential Tips for Asphalt Paving That Improve Quality

No miracle happens to make asphalt paving projects successful. They are the result of perfect planning and proper preparation. Each step in the system will affect the next, like from proper setup of paver to achieving maximum mat temperature and making the rolling pattern at just the right time. Moreover, since the process began, paying attention to detail can mean the difference between completing on time correctly and being delayed or needing reconstruction. It all starts with a proper setup of the pavement, and you can have it all in the city of Houston driveway requirements.

  1. Proper setup for pavement

It’s beneficial to check the paving machine and components before the project. It would be best to look for anything that could affect the project or safety before work begins. Before the startup, inspect all fluid levels. You can then start the paver and then examine all gauges.

Apply a releasing agent or solution for coating all the items that come in contact with asphalt the whole day of work to help prevent it from sticking to bare metal parts. You can easily avail the facility of parking lot striping Houston through services provided by paving company Houston. Some paver manufacturers have developed coating systems that are integrated and are operated through the machine. An example of Volvo pavers is utilized Blaw-Kote, a coating process that can be used on the full device, and if equipped, then it can be applied to the roads with the push of a button.

  1. Quality mat is laid

Both material level and paver speed play an important role in finding pavement quality. The essential factors for quality mat to be laid are all about consistency- consistent top of material in front of the screen and constant paving speed.

  1. Paving speed

When paving speed doesn’t remain relatively consistent, ripples, waves, and irregular mat depth, can occur. In flawless paving operation, the contractor will operate it nonstop the whole day, as a change in the speed of paving will affect the potential to lay a uniform mat. With a change in speed, challenges are created with timing when the delivery of hot mix material is happening in order to keep at least one-third of the hopper full. Moreover, changes in paving speed are usually caused by trucks inconsistently reaching at the site of the project, or bumping the paver during the exchange of vehicle.

  1. Compaction

Pavement must be able to resist unexpected loads, heavy traffic, and harsh winters. Compaction best practices will save asphalt integrity, and there will be no delay in the need for road maintenance. Without complete compaction or densification, the completed roadway will not provide enough support needed for traffic loads, and the material will definitely break down. The three factors which contribute to quality compaction are mat temperature, mat thickness, and compactor rolling patterns.


In the proper asphalt pavement or driveway that you see is not a miracle or result of a single day. It is the result of consistent efforts, the entire planning, and proper scheduling of each paving step. From the selection of paving material or getting the required optimum temperature of the paver to compacting the materials at the scheduled time, each level impacts the next.

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