A Complete Guide For Asphalt Maintenance And Preservation

A well-maintained driveway has myriad advantages. Besides functionality, a protected driveway can increase the resale value of your property. Routine maintenance is essential to mitigate the risks of cracks or distortion in the surface of the asphalt. Moreover, periodic maintenance will extend the life of your driveway, thus, eliminating the possibility of refurbishment or replacement.

You can search for residential asphalt repair near me to know about the companies which offer driveway maintenance services. You can also adhere to the following suggestions to enhance the longevity of your driveway.

Intermittent Sealcoating

Sealcoating involves the application of a protective glaze on the asphalt surface. The protective layer guards the surface from the repeated exposure to heat, water, oxidation, and chemicals. A layer of seal coat increases your driveway’s life by 1-2 years, while double coating may extend it up to 4 years. Asphalt contractors Houston tx recommend sealcoating the driveway course once every 3-5 years.

Sealcoating is an affordable and accessible choice for individuals who would not like to invest in expensive repairs later. You can undertake sealcoating yourself with a brush, roller, or an air sprayer. Or, you can hire a contractor for a more professional approach.

Frequent Repairs

You must immediately Houston driveway repair contractors if you notice an indentation or crack in the asphalt surface. Early addressing of the problem will help you keep the cost of repairs down. In areas where winter lasts longer, the water can permeate through the crack to inner layers and freeze. Once the water de-freezes, it will expand thus, forcing the cracks further apart.

Repairing the cracks sooner will help you eliminate further re-pavement or driveways replacement costs.

Keeping The Surface Clean And Uncontaminated

Exposure to certain chemicals can erode the surface course more quickly. That is why homeowners need to keep the driveway surface uncontaminated. Any stain or a smudge of oil or chemical can result in surface distortion or cracking.

Do Not Let Water Stagnate On The Surface

Make sure that your driveway is dry and puddles of standing water do not often accumulate. Water inflicts damage to driveways. Stagnant water can eventually result in the emergence of potholes or depression.

Hire a Contractor For Maintenance

You can set up an ongoing agreement with a contractor to undertake periodic maintenance checks at your property. Paving contractors Houston can do the needful for you. Setting up a maintenance plan is convenient for homeowners who cannot find time for the upkeep of their driveway property.

It is necessary to reinforce your driveway every once in a while. Asphalt driveways, if routinely maintained, can go a long way. The endurance capacity of your driveway asphalt is directly proportional to how well you are preserving it against nature’s elements. Asphalt can crack under various circumstances, including exposure to thaw cycles, oxidation, or extreme heat and pressure.

However, you can avert a blow on your pocket by undertaking maintenance checks for your driveway periodically. You can also contact Houston driveway contractors for more information on the matter.